JavelinTools Plus EEPROM Refiller for 900MC F900

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The JavelinTools Plus EEPROM Writer GUI is a hardware and GUI wrapper allowing you to effortlessly rewrite Stratasys® FMD EEPROM chips in order to use 3rd party materials.

To answer the biggest questions first:  No printer manufacturer can void your warranty due to the use of third-party materials!  It's covered under The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a U.S. federal law similar laws exist internationally to protect your investment.

Our system is an all in one refiller, no computer required.  

This kit will contain: one (1) JavelinTools 900 EEPROM Writer, (1) USB power cable, and one (1) USB power brick.

This model is for Stratasys® Fortus® 900MC/F900 Plus chips only.  Not Classic, F Series, Any other PLUS or Upgraded to plus units, or Uprint.

This unit will only Write original Stratasys® EEPROM chips which are not empty, the volume remaining must be greater than 0.   You may also need to rewrite the chips after every unload from the printer.   

The unit has volumes greater than the material cartridges to prevent the chips from running to zero.  So a 92CI chip will write more than 92ci to the in order to prevent the chip from running to zero.