OEM Stratasys® Plus Chip for Fortus 380 450 900

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These are OEM Plus (Black with notch off-center) Stratasys EEPROM boards.

EEPROMs will come pre-filled with your choice of Model or Support material.

Compatible With Machines

All Machines using the Plus 2432 EEPROM/Chip type.   

Fortus Family (PLUS Type)

Fortus 380mc
Fortus 450mc
Fortus 900mc

Model Chips

ABS-M30 - ABS M30
ABS-M30I - Transparent ABS M30
ABSI - Transparent ABS
ASA - Weatherable UV Resistant Material
NYL12 - FDM Nylon 12
NYL6 - FDM Nylon 6
P401 - P400 ABS
P430 - ABSPlus P430
PC - PolyCarbonate
PC-ABS - PolyCarbonate ABS Blend
PC-ISO - Biocompatible Polycarbonate
PCABS-FR - Fire Retardant PCABS Blend
ST130 - Sacrificial tooling material
ULT1010 - ULTEM 1010 resin
ULT9085 - ULTEM 9085 resin

Support Chips: 

SR-30 – used with ABS-ESD7, ASA, ABS-M30, ABSplus, and ABS-M30i
SR-35 - used with ABS-ESD7, ASA, ABS-M30, and ABS-M30i on the Fortus 900mc, Fortus 360mc, Fortus 380mc, Fortus 400mc, and Fortus 450mc
SR-100 – used with PC (Polycarbonate)
SR-110 – used with PC-ABS and Nylon 12 on the Fortus 360mc; PC-ABS, Nylon 12 and Nylon 12CF on the Fortus 450mc; Nylon 6 and Nylon 12 on the Fortus 900mc
P400-SR – used with ABS P400 only
SR-20 – used with ABSplus, ABSi, ABS-ESD7, ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ASA and PC-ABS
Break-away that is easily removed by hand.
PC-BASS – used with PC and PC-ISO
ULTEM ® 9085 resin - used with ULTEM ® 9085 resin only
ULTEM ® 1010 resin Support - used with ULTEM ® 1010 resin only
PPSF-BASS - used with PPSF only
P400-R - used with ABS P400 only

Important Notes

* Javelin is in no way affiliated with Stratasys® or it's affiliates.