Model & Support Material Refill System for Stratasys® PLUS 900MC/F900 (No Computer Needed)

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The JavelinTools Plus (900) EEPROM Writer is an all-in-one solution allowing you to effortlessly rewrite Stratasys® Plus EEPROM chips in order to use 3rd party materials.

Requiring only a power outlet.

To answer the biggest questions first:  No printer manufacturer can void your warranty due to the use of third-party materials!  It's covered under The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a U.S. federal law similar laws exist internationally to protect your investment.

Our system is an all-in-one refiller; no computer is required.  

This kit will contain one (1) JavelinTools 900 PLUS EEPROM Writer, (1) Power cable.  Reader Extension is sold separately.

This model is for Stratasys® Fortus® 900MC Upgraded to plus and F900 Plus units only.  The system will WRITE any non-empty PLUS chip to work with a 900MC Plus or F900 Plus.  It will write chips 450s/380s or other plus machines to work in the 900, it will not write working chips for other machines. 

Not compatible with F-Series machines (Aside from the F900), Not compatible with other PLUS or Upgraded to plus units.  

AIO 900MC Programmer 

  • Writes 900MC/F900 Plus EEPROMS*
  • *Machine will not update material quantity after use
  • Bonus Now Includes - Classic EEPROM Reading & Writing
  • Bonus Now Includes - Classic Auto-Refill Feature 
  • Bonus Now Includes - Custom Roll Size Feature (Allowing you to write chips to any amount between 0CU and 999CU)

      This unit will Write Stratasys® Plus EEPROM chips which are not empty, the volume remaining must be greater than 0.   You will also need to rewrite the chips after every unload from the printer.