Stratasys® Fortus® Material Unlocking DEMO

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Demo our unlocking service!

Unlock your Fortus 360/400/900 to be compatible with ONE material that it currently is not. 

Important Note:  This feature will provide you with two codes.   One will lock your machine to ONLY operate with the material you choose, all other licenses will be cleared!   The second code will reset your machine to the original state.  

If you choose to fully unlock your machine or permanently unlock the material the price paid here will be applied as a discount to that service. 

  • ULT9085 - Ultem 9085
  • PC-ABS
  • PC
  • PC-ISO
  • PPSF
  • ABS-M30
  • ABSI
  • ABS-M30I
  • ABS-ESD7
  • ASA
  • ULT1010 - Ultem 1010