JavelinTools Stratasys® Plus EEPROM Refill

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The JavelinTools Plus EEPROM Writer GUI is a hardware and GUI wrapper allowing you to effortlessly write Stratasys® FDM Plus EEPROM chips in order to use 3rd party materials.

To answer the biggest questions first:  No printer manufacturer can void your warranty due to the use of third-party materials!  It's covered under The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a U.S. federal law.

Our system is a hardware and GUI combination that makes the process simple, painless, and fast.   Average refill times are around 12 seconds, which includes a 2.5-second delay we added during user testing to allow time to see the success message!

After writing choosing an EEPROM configuration (Material, Size) the reader will allow you to insert as many chips as you wish to program and deliver success/fail messages for each.

It is vitally important to remember that EMPTY EEPROM CHIPS CANNOT BE REFILLED!   Once the EEPROM chip hits zero CU it is garbage!  We recommend filling all Plus EEPROM chips to 999 cu to ensure they do not hit zero!

Updates and Customization can be delivered to your reader via USB.   If you want different text options or materials just let us know.