Model & Support Material Refill System for Stratasys® Classic Printers (No Screen)

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The JavelinTools Classic Programmer Reads, Refills, and Writes Stratasys® FDM EEPROM chips effortlessly allowing you to use 3rd party materials.  The MRW series Requires the use of an HDMI monitor!

To answer the biggest questions first:  No printer manufacturer can void your warranty due to the use of third-party materials!  It's covered under The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a U.S. federal law similar laws exist internationally to protect your investment.

This model is for Classic chips only.  Not Plus, F Series, or Uprint.

Compatible With Machines

All Machines using the Classic DS2433 EEPROM/Chip type.   Plus Machines using the DS2432 Chip are not compatible with this version.   

Fortus Family (Fox2 Type)

Fortus 360mc
Fortus 400mc
Fortus 900mc

Dimension Family (Prodigy Type)

Dimension BST 768
Dimension SST 768
Dimension Elite
Dimension BST 1200
Dimension SST 1200
Dimension 1200es
Fortus 250mc
Fortus 200mc

Titan & Vantage Family (Fox Type)

Vantage I ABS
Vantage I PC
Vantage Xa
Vantage Xp
Vantage S
Vantage SE
Titan HW
Titan TI

Maxum (Maxum Type)

FDM Maxum 

Quantum (Quantum Type)

FDM Quantum

Untested with 

FDM 2000
FDM 3000
FDM 8000
Dimesnion SHDM-1000
uPrint Plus
uPrint SE
uPrint SE Plus

Not Compatible with FDM Prodigy and Prodigy Plus

Writes Model Chips

ABS-M30 - ABS M30
ABS-M30I - Transparent ABS M30
ABSI - Transparent ABS
ASA - Weatherable UV Resistant Material
NYL12 - FDM Nylon 12
NYL6 - FDM Nylon 6
P401 - P400 ABS
P430 - ABSPlus P430
PC - PolyCarbonate
PC-ABS - PolyCarbonate ABS Blend
PC-ISO - Biocompatible Polycarbonate
PCABS-FR - Fire Retardant PCABS Blend
ST130 - Sacrificial tooling material
ULT1010 - ULTEM 1010 resin
ULT9085 - ULTEM 9085 resin

Writes Support Chips: 

SR-30 – used with ABS-ESD7, ASA, ABS-M30, ABSplus, and ABS-M30i
SR-35 - used with ABS-ESD7, ASA, ABS-M30, and ABS-M30i on the Fortus 900mc, Fortus 360mc, Fortus 380mc, Fortus 400mc, and Fortus 450mc
SR-100 – used with PC (Polycarbonate)
SR-110 – used with PC-ABS and Nylon 12 on the Fortus 360mc; PC-ABS, Nylon 12 and Nylon 12CF on the Fortus 450mc; Nylon 6 and Nylon 12 on the Fortus 900mc
P400-SR – used with ABS P400 only
SR-20 – used with ABSplus, ABSi, ABS-ESD7, ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ASA and PC-ABS
Break-away that is easily removed by hand.
PC-BASS – used with PC and PC-ISO
ULTEM ® 9085 resin - used with ULTEM ® 9085 resin only
ULTEM ® 1010 resin Support - used with ULTEM ® 1010 resin only
PPSF-BASS - used with PPSF only
P400-R - used with ABS P400 only

Important Notes

* No EEPROMs (Chips) are included!
* Javelin is in no way affiliated with Stratasys® or its affiliates.